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Revive is a potent word. Like other verbs it was born of our need to act, to decide. More importantly and magical, it exists because humans have always found life so surprisingly beautiful. At our ugliest lows, life can snatch us back from the brink with a coincidence, something small just fluttering by. When we’ve worked or played our bodies to the limit, what do copywriters swear sports drinks, kombucha, Dr. Bronner's All-One soap can do? When a boxer or a schoolyard scrapper is knocked out cold, what is the crowd waiting for them to do?


For Mount Island’s first print anthology after our return to publishing, “revive” is a fitting theme. Too fitting, one could say, but let’s not make this all about us. We want to know what “revive” means to you, and how you make the word, the idea, matter to others through your work. 

This anthology will be released in print and digital editions in the fall of 2020.

For publication in our annual print anthology, writers are paid $50 plus $10 per page. All anthology  contributors also receive a copy of the anthology in which their work  appears, and a 1-year subscription to our digital magazine. 

Guest editors to be announced.


Fiction & Essays

  • Submissions must be no more than 5000 words, whether a single piece or multiple flash pieces.
  • Flash pieces  should be no more than 1000 words. For multiple flash pieces, submit  them as one document with page breaks between each piece.
  • We welcome all genres and styles, so long as the work fits the anthology theme.


  • Submit 3 to 5 poems at once, totaling no more than 20 pages, and include all poems in a single document with page breaks between each piece.

We are not currently accepting unsolicited art submissions for this anthology.